So there's that one sport in the Winter Olympics that just blows people's minds because on the one hand you think "wait, how is this an Olympic sport" but on the other hand you think "well who wouldn't want to watch people play darts on ice?"

It's actually a pretty cool sport when you think about how many things have to go perfectly right to pull off a win. It's so precise that you can completely change the outcome of a throw by "sweeping" the ice ahead of the stone so that it stops at exactly the right spot. 

Being such a precise sport, it actually really matters what you wear when you're curling. If anything is off, the initial throw is gonna be off and then the sweepers will have a tough time getting the stone where it needs to be.

And that, friends, is why Canada's Mens Curling team contacted Mission Belt asking if they could wear our no-holes belts to compete in the Olympics.

No joke, check out the badass belt on this badass Canadian curler:

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: does it matter what kind of belt they wear?

It might sound like a small thing, but let's think this through.

First, let's all agree that these guys looks fantastic in these belts so there's the "I'm cool" factor at play here. Black on black...nice choice, fellas.

When your competitors are slumming around in a belt that never fits right (cuz it has holes, duh) and your belt fits perfectly every time (cuz it has no holes, duh), there's a certain amount of swagger that goes along with that.

And everyone knows if you think and feel like a winner, you will be a winner. 

Second, we're talking about the Olympics here, so everything matters. If it matters how you rub the ice ahead of a slick rock you just pushed toward a target, it matters whether the belt you're wearing fits or not. 

So did wearing Mission Belt make a difference? That depends on if you think Gold is better than Silver and Bronze, cuz the team that wore Mission Belts got the Gold. The teams that didn't wear Mission Belts got something other than Gold.

Alright, so what are the takeaways from all this? First, curling is cool. Watch it and take note of who's wearing a winner's belt (hint: Canada) and who isn't (hint: everyone else). Second, it's time you get yourself a belt that always fits, so check out our belt collections and grab a few. You'll feel like a winner and your waist will thank you.

And the final takeaway is Steph Curry curling on the hardwood:

And the Norwegian Curling team's incredible Valentine pants:

norwegian curling pants

Technically those aren't takeaways but don't tell me you're not entertained. 

February 15, 2018 — leo e