A couple weeks ago we announced through our facebook page that some cool stuff was about to happen here at Mission Belt Co. To kick start the revolution we would love to introduce you to missionbelt.com 1.0. Besides featuring our amazing belts and gear, we will feature upcoming artists, creative minds, our skateboarding, surfing and snow teams. Last but not least is our mission page; as many of you know every time you buy a Mission Belt Co product, a DOLLAR goes to help families in need, so we have created a page for you to get familiar with the mission and meet some of the people that we have been lucky enough to reach. They have made our job such and exciting one. Sometimes because of circumstances people need a hand up or a "boost of awesomeness" as we call it, and we have been fortunate enough to count on people like you that believe in our products and our mission, so that all of us together can carry on this endevor.

April 19, 2013 — Jeff Jensen