Viviana Maria lives in Copacabana, Colombia with her 2 year old son. At 21 years old, Viviana Maria represents a new generation of independent women farmers and entrepreneurs that we are seeing more of in the emerging markets. Her father was a pig farmer so naturally she took to the business like a fish to water. Her product is consistently good and clean which has given her a little bit of a name in the business. Like a good entrepreneur, Viviana Maria is striking while the iron is hot. She want to increase her production and get more to the markets as soon as possible. That is why she is looking for a little capital to buy more materials to invest in a larger barn to house more and more pigs. She will use the extra production to better take care of her little family. 

Viviana Maria with her Pigs and Boy

The Mission Belt Co is very excited about projects like those of Viviana Maria. We know that the extra profit will go to improving her and her son's lives and not frivolously wasted. All of our customers are a big part of Viviana's story. We hope to follow up with her and her son in the future and our expectations are very high that she will become a very successful and resourceful farmer. Thanks to everyone who has bought a world class Mission Belt. It's a world class belt and effort. Thanks! 

September 18, 2012 — Jeff Jensen