Bashorat lives in the city in Istaravshan, Tajikistan. As a 54 year old married mother of one, she spends most of her day raising, breeding, and taking care of cattle. Her husband works abroad and her child helps around the house.

Her main source of income is buying cattle, raising and breeding them, then selling them when they become adults. She has been doing this for the last 6 years and has become very good at providing quality livestock.

With the loan she requested, she has been able to buy some longhorn cattle that will further increase her business. She hopes to provide better living and sustainability for her family.

Bashorat and one of her cattle.

Even though her husband works hard, Bashorat has still used her time wisely to provide a better living for her family. The Mission Belt Co is proud to support members of communities around the world who have the desire to work hard and become self sustaining. If you want to join our mission in giving people a hand up and not a hand out, you can do so by purchasing one of our fashionable belts! A portion of each belt sold goes to people all around the world like Bashorat.

November 29, 2012 — Jeff Jensen