The Mission Belt is a No Holes Automatic Belt. That means that it has no pesky holes to wear over time. We all have seen the belts that look as though they were worn 2000 years ago by Roman soldiers but are actually weeks or months old. It's a common problem men have with their waist. It's always going in our out depending on the week and then the holes get changed and used and stretch and then cracked. And then you are stuck with an ancient relic of a belt. That is no good and that is why The Mission Belt was designed in the first place. We were tired of the tired looking belts. It's sloppy, slothful, and silly. 

No Holes

We accomplish the no holes belt aspect of the belt by removing the standard buckle and implementing a new buckle device that needs no holes to work. It's called a ratchet buckle sometimes or even a slide buckle. The main point is it's a Mission Belt Buckle. That means it has no tongue and holes. No holes to stretch out and wear out over time means your Mission Belt will look brand new for years to come. 

Automatic Belt

This is perhaps the best part. It's called an automatic belt because it will automatically click into the exact size you require. Unlike other belts that only are adjustable every inch, the Mission Belt can be adjusted down to the quarter inch. That means there are four size options for every one size option on a traditional belt. That means you can loosen it just slightly or tighten it just slightly. It's the most comfortable belt you can get and it looks great. If you haven't gotten one out yet go to and try out one of the best fitting and looking belts on the market. We guarantee that you will like it. 

Slide Belt or Auto-Belt it's still a Mission Belt

September 10, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts