Belts are great. Not only do they hold up our pants and shorts, they accent what we are wearing. You can get all sorts of different belts. There are virtually thousands of different kinds, styles, and fits. There are leather belts, faux leather belts, polyurethane belts, exotic leather belts like snake or crocodile, cloth belts, nylon belts, canvas belts, denim belts, and even plastic belts. I’ve seen all sorts from all over the world and all I can say is there is no accounting for taste. That being said, I love the variety and the ability to express my own taste.


Then there is the detail of belt functionality. That part resides mostly in the buckle mechanism. There are boy scout belts, T-Belts, traditional belts, rope belts, tie belts, ratchet belts, slide belts, zip belts, no-holes belts and bolo belts. There are almost as many belt buckles as there are belts and there is a fair amount of style and character in each belt type that says something about the person buying the belt.

Professional Belts

Lastly, there are the professional belts. These include but are not limited to police belts, firefighter belts, cowboy belts, search and rescue belts, military belts, service belts, and many more. These are belts that are specifically designed to help professionals carry out their purpose. Like a gun belt for a police officer and a tool belt for a contractor. These belts let professionals access their tools quickly and efficiently. But like other belts, there are good looking professional belts and other professional belts.

What Your Belt Says

All belts say something about the person wearing them. And for people who don’t wear belts, lets just say they are mostly plumbers with the cracks to prove it. Most belts really are ubiquitous and go unnoticed. Belts are afterthoughts for many people and merely accent the rest of the ensemble. In the case of The Mission Belt, your clothes accent the belt. That is how unique and good looking The Mission Belt is. The eye is naturally drawn to the typically understated clothing accessory and you find yourself saying, “that is a good looking belt. I wonder where I can get one?” This is the typical reaction when coming across a Mission Belt. It is sleek, stylish, and comfortable. With no-holes it looks brand new every time you put it on and it won’t wear out. It’s the ultimate belt. It dresses up very well and looks great on a pair of boardshorts. How many belts look as comfortable on a suit as they do on a pair of shorts? Answer: Not many. Right now the Mission Belt comes in black, white, and brown. Get all three and dress your best. The Mission Belt will hold up your pants perfectly thanks to the minute adjustments available in the no-holes belt buckle and it will look awesome. It’s really a one of a kind belt that I have never seen before now. Get it while you can at

August 02, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
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