Maria a mother of four, is a pig-farmer from Sonson, Colombia. She is trying her best to provide her children with a better quality of living and access to good education.

Because her husband's income is not enough to sustain the family, she took it upon herself to supplement the family income by starting her own business. Growing up under the tutelage of her parents who worked in agriculture, she knew how to raise and handle hogs, which she sells for profit.

The demand for her hogs had become so great that she was unable to fulfill quite a few orders that were coming in. Maria requested a loan to purchase more pigs and also concentrate for feeding them.

Maria Custodia and a couple of her hogs

Because of the hard work of her and her husband, they are able to provide a better living for their children. Maria's business continues to grow and she has almost completely paid back her loan. She looks forward to providing her family with a better quality of living, and she is also saving money to send send her children to a university.

The Mission Belt Co has thoroughly enjoyed helping Maria in achieving her goals. We are glad to know that her business continues to grow and that she is getting closer to making her dreams a reality.

For every Mission Belt that is sold, one dollar goes to helping people like Maria and her family. Due to the recent support of our mission, we are now helping people all over the world!

May 10, 2013 — Wes Moss