Mission Belt, the company that you saw give the classic belt accessory a fresh start on ABC's Shark Tank in 2013, will return to television on ABC's Beyond The Tank tonight at 10 pm ET.

“Being on Shark Tank, and now Beyond the Tank, has been incredible for
general brand awareness,” said Zac Holzapfel, cofounder of Mission Belt. “First
and foremost, we are a unique belt company with top tier quality products.
Because of this and the social impact our products have, our customers have

great pride and come back over and over again.”

After the original deal with “shark” investor Daymond John, Mission Belt has
exploded with no sign of slowing down. The product line has grown immensely
since the show and now comes in two widths, 35mm and 40mm, and two belt
materials, genuine leather and a durable nylon, so customers always look fresh.
Mission Belts offer a variety of colors, including the more traditional colors. In
addition, Mission Belt has a full line of licensed products for the NBA, NCAA and
NHL. Customers can find a variety of buckle and strap combinations in over

1,000 stores nationwide.

Mission Belt donates a dollar per belt sold to help fight global hunger and
poverty. The philanthropic effort the company derived its name from has helped
Mission Belt contribute to over 37,000 Kiva micro-loans. These micro-loans
ranging from $25-$500 provide entrepreneurs around the globe the capital
necessary to fund their ventures. Small loans make a huge difference.
“We filmed Beyond the Tank back in February of 2015 and have taken the
leadership advice from Daymond and have adapted to ensure the continued
success of the brand,” said Holzapfel. “Look for more great products as we

continue to expand.”

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May 03, 2016 — Lukas Sanchez